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Tips for hurricane season

Hurricanes are huge swirling storms that can cause devastating damage and significant losses in their paths. Here are some tips on how to be ready in case you are about to face a hurricane.

  • Have an emergency kit at hand, do not forget to include new batteries, charged battery packs, electric drill and saw, flashlights, radios, canned food, first aid kit and lots of drinking water.

  • External water tanks or other external accessories that can potentially be projectile needs to be secured or removed.

  • If you do not have hurricane proof windows and doors installed, cover them to prevent greater damage.

  • In case you have power generators, fire pumps, or drain pumps; test them and fill them up with new gasoline.

  • Inspect your roof, make sure the structure is ready for heavy rain and fast speed winds. Clean and clear the gutter and all the waterspouts.

  • If you tend to flood easily, sandbags can act as a barrier to divert moving water around so have some bags ready.

  • Move cars and generators to higher grounds if possible or place them in a safe place.

  • High value documents or important paperwork should be in a highly safe place to prevent them from being damaged by floods.

  • Walk around your house or building multiple times and make sure everything is secured, locked, hidden and clear.

If you are looking into getting your hurricane proof windows and doors installed, contact us. We have amazing customer service with some of the best products in the market to guarantee your safety.

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